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AGM completed

The Bute Community Land Company had its AGM at Bute Museum on the 21st June. The minutes will be available online once completed. Meantime there was a demand at the meeting for some further company documents. I have now uploaded the Forest Plan, which is out of date, and will require revision before we can operate the Forest again, and also the Memorandum and Articles of the Company to this page BCLC Information. Please contact me if you want further information.

John Reid

AGM reminder – Wednesday 21 June 2017

Members are reminded that the AGM is to be held at the Museum on 21 June 2017. The agenda can be found here Agenda BCLC AGM for 21 June
Please note that no nominations were received from the membership by the due date for Directors or to add business to the meeting.

BCLC information now online

In response to a number of requests from our members, we now have a page that has the various items of information about BCLC that are regularly requested. These include the annual report and accounts, strategic documents and other files that might be of interest. I will be expanding what is available as the documents come to hand. I am sure you are all aware that there have been problems in obtaining these documents, however we now have at least the “statutory” set.

The most recent document is the Report and Accounts up until September 2016, which is in the process of being submitted to Companies House, where it will become available once approved by them. There is also a copy of current smaller strategic aims that the company has, as well as a copy of the Forest Plan developed in 2014, which remains current, although it should be noted that instead of using our own resources (as stated in the plan) to manage the forest we will be using contracted third parties in future.

I will also be adding the Company constitution documents to this page.

This information page is available in the “About Us” section from the menus above.

John Reid, Chairman BCLC

BCLC AGM notice of 2017 AGM – 21st June 7pm – 8pm

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dear Member,

BCLC will be holding it’s Annual General Meeting on 21st June 2017 at 7pm until 8pm at Bute Museum on Stuart Street, Rothesay.

The agenda and draft accounts for 15/16 and previous audited accounts are available online here

Members wishing to stand as a director of BCLC or who wish to raise any other business should advise the Chair using the forms which will appear below at least one full week in advance of the meeting by returning the forms to

More details are available on the agenda which can be seen Agenda BCLC AGM for 21 June.

John Reid, Chairman BCLC

EGM on 1st February 2017 – Bute Museum (was AGM)

The Bute Community Land Company Ltd. (BCLC) is pleased to announce that it will hold an Annual General Meeting on 1st February 2017 at 7pm at the Bute Museum. All members are invited to attend. You will be able to meet the new Chairman, John Reid, and information will be provided on the changes and issues that BCLC has had in the last year.

At the AGM the BCLC is also looking for people with appropriate experience to contribute their skills in various areas including those who have administrative skills and especially those interested in forest management. We would like to appoint at least two more people to be board members and trustees. Please come along and make your contribution! Tea and coffee will be served.

[Edit] [This meeting was changed to Extraordinary General Meeting by board resolution, the day prior to the meeting.]

[Edit] [Here are some comments I made to the Buteman at the time The Buteman

Bute Forest Website

Could all our members and visitors please note that the site has been “hijacked” by someone at present unknown. It is presently showing a very old version of the website, and contains quite a lot of non-functional material. We are taking action to have the site removed but for the time being, please use Thanks!

New Chairman for Bute Community Land Company

John Reid has been appointed the new Chairman of BCLC replacing the interim Chair, Emma Walker. Emma remains a board member of the company.
John has been associated with Bute for many years, and has retired to the Island a couple of years ago. He is an IT Consultant and has worked all over the world.

Bute Community Land Company seeks new Directors

Bute Community Land Company (BCLC) is seeking new Directors to take forward the project through its next exciting stage of development.
Bute Community Land Company was recently awarded planning permission for developments in the community-owned forest at Rhubodach. The permission granted includes a café, classroom, paths, car parking, glamping pods and play areas. The planning permission was the next step in satisfying the requirements for a £1million application to the Big Lottery Fund, due at the end of the month.

Chair Emma Cooper said “The BCLC forest project has the potential to play a significant role in the regeneration of the Isle of Bute, complementing the range of other ambitious projects currently in development and the recent surge in new family-friendly events and activities.

“The facilities will offer outstanding opportunities for the local community to engage in educational and recreational activities, as well as attracting a new generation of visitors to the island. Our extensive market research and business planning shows that the facilities could attract up to 20,000 new visitors to the island each year and will be self-funding after the first few years.

“As a project such as this develops it needs different skills to lead it forward. We are now seeking the next generation of directors, with the right time, skills and commitment to progress the project through the stages of finalising funding, building, and opening.

“If people are interested in knowing more about being a Director and the skills we are looking for, whether they live on Bute or off, then they should contact me for a face-to-face discussion on”

Bute Forest Ltd ceases operations

Bute Forest Ltd, which has been providing the island with timber products for the last four years, is taking a hiatus as it failed to reach agreement over leasing the business to an independent contractor.

Bute Forest Ltd, a subsidiary company of Bute Community Land Company which owns 189Ha of forest at Rhubodach, was set up in 2012 to thin the commercial forest and supply timber products to the island.
Over the last four years the business has employed four people on a full-time basis as well as several part-time positions and volunteer opportunities.

The business has supplied several community projects on the island with products as part of its social investment. It has also provided picnic tables, signage and interpretation boards throughout the community-owned forest.

Chair of Bute Community Land Company, Emma Cooper, said “The closure of the business is a temporary measure to enable the board of directors to re-evaluate the current priorities of the charity which owns the business. Following difficulties in reaching a formal agreement with a contractor who wanted to run the business, BCLC now has to spend time pursuing other objectives. This is a temporary measure however, and the board anticipate re-opening the business next year.”