Bute Forest Ltd, which has been providing the island with timber products for the last four years, is taking a hiatus as it failed to reach agreement over leasing the business to an independent contractor.

Bute Forest Ltd, a subsidiary company of Bute Community Land Company which owns 189Ha of forest at Rhubodach, was set up in 2012 to thin the commercial forest and supply timber products to the island.
Over the last four years the business has employed four people on a full-time basis as well as several part-time positions and volunteer opportunities.

The business has supplied several community projects on the island with products as part of its social investment. It has also provided picnic tables, signage and interpretation boards throughout the community-owned forest.

Chair of Bute Community Land Company, Emma Cooper, said “The closure of the business is a temporary measure to enable the board of directors to re-evaluate the current priorities of the charity which owns the business. Following difficulties in reaching a formal agreement with a contractor who wanted to run the business, BCLC now has to spend time pursuing other objectives. This is a temporary measure however, and the board anticipate re-opening the business next year.”