The sky was clear for the first day all week as we embarked on our busiest volunteering weekend yet.

Teams of people arrived this weekend on Saturday and Sunday to continue marking a foot trail in the commercial forest, complete the first mountain bike trail (fingers crossed) , build a compost toilet and finish the shed for the allotments, make some repairs to the access track and of course make friends, get fit and have fun! We had volunteers aged 1 to 70 (well, I didn’t ask so I’m just guessing), including 2 BCLC Directors Christine McArthur and Sara Goss and 2 Bute Forest Directors Richard Matts and Ellen Lambert.

The mountain bike trail went well on both days, with the Saturday team completing 2 bridges and clearing the top stretch of trail and the Sunday team, including the Boys Brigade, finishing one bridge and making a good start on another, although I have to admit the preparation and consumption of hot chocolate rather dominated Sunday afternoons work!

Instead of chatting more, here’s a few images of the weekend instead – and don’t blame me for the number of bottom shots – Sara took on the important role of photographer!