1713 Signatures!

The response from the community to this idea has been absolutely marvellous. In just one week 1713 members of the Bute population have signalled their support for the Bute Forest Community Buyout.  We were told that if we could get around 16% of the electoral roll to support this proposition then we’d be doing well. We’ve actually got over 30% so it looks like we have done very well.

Our thanks have to go to all the volunteer form distributors (and collectors), to ButeFm for supporting us with interviews and namechecks, The Buteman for publicising the story,  to all the businesses and organisations who accepted the forms and took the time to encourage people to sign up and of course to all members of our community who signed up.

The application is being submitted and we now have to wait for a  favourable decision from the Scottish Government.

We’ll keep the website updated with the latest news