Thanks again to all those who attended the AGM last week. It was great to feel a real sense of positivity and moving forward with the project, and I’ve had a few emails which reflect that view.

Four new directors were appointed and the exisiting board re-elected. That means we have:
Peter Vincent
Aidan Canavan
Emma Cooper
Jim Mitchell
Rosemary Mulholland
Tony Carter
Ian Carmichael

Ian Jardine has been co-opted by the board for the last few years and is willing to be co-opted again.

This was a great result for us, with four new directors elected to the board, all bringing mountains of enthusiasm and skills.

We also had a big decision to make, and the group voted after some focused discussion to go with Option 2: Reduce costs by choosing off-the-shelf buildings rather than unique high quality bespoke buildings. We are working very hard to take forward this choice at the moment and have already started sourcing quotes and speaking to our stakeholders.

Several members also wanted to see activity happening sooner rather than later, with greater involvement from volunteers and we hope to let you know soon how we can best take this forward in parallel with the stage 2 funding application.