This page is where you can view and download company information about BCLC, including the accounts and director’s reports, our current (and past) strategies, as well as other documents which may be of interest. Note that some of these documents may not be fully accessible to all viewers, or might require you to download a viewer suitable for the type of file.

Report and Accounts

2010 – 2011Accounts-2010-11
2011 – 2012BCLC signed accounts to 2012
2012 – 2013BCLC 2013 accounts
2013 – 2014BCLC 2014 accounts
2014 – 2015BCLC 2015 accounts
2015 – 2016BCLC 2016 accounts
2016 – 2017BCLC 2017 accounts
AGM notices

2017 Agenda BCLC AGM for 21 June
2017 Buteman report on our AGM here
2018 Agenda BCLC AGM for 26 June
2019 Agenda BCLC AGM for 21 February

BCLC Strategies

2017 BCLC STATEGY March 2017

Forest Management Plan

2014 – 2024 Our Forest Management plan is presently being revised. Here is the previous version Bute Forest 2014-24 LTFP {NB This is a very large file} Please bear in mind this is being revised and this is no longer valid. As we are not currently operating as a Forestry company no plan is required.

BCLC Memorandum and Articles of Association

The M and A of the company is here BCLC M&A Constitution