In response to a number of requests from our members, we now have a page that has the various items of information about BCLC that are regularly requested. These include the annual report and accounts, strategic documents and other files that might be of interest. I will be expanding what is available as the documents come to hand. I am sure you are all aware that there have been problems in obtaining these documents, however we now have at least the “statutory” set.

The most recent document is the Report and Accounts up until September 2016, which is in the process of being submitted to Companies House, where it will become available once approved by them. There is also a copy of current smaller strategic aims that the company has, as well as a copy of the Forest Plan developed in 2014, which remains current, although it should be noted that instead of using our own resources (as stated in the plan) to manage the forest we will be using contracted third parties in future.

I will also be adding the Company constitution documents to this page.

This information page is available in the “About Us” section from the menus above.

John Reid, Chairman BCLC