Bute Forest Ltd is seeking a Forester and a Forestry Assistant for the Bute Forest timber business.

The Forester and Assistant will be taking a continuous cover approach to managing the trees in the commercial part of Bute Forest, Rhubodach. They will start by thinning out the trees, allowing the remaining trees more light and space which will encourage them to grow quicker. Over 20 – 25 years the current spruce will all be removed for milling and sale. By the end of the gradual harvesting process the seed bank will be receiving enough light to spring into life itself and it is hoped that a variety of trees will take the place of the current crop.

The Forester and Forestry Assistant will be employed to implement this process, using the timber produced to build and sell items locally including fences and sheds and progressing eventually to more complex wood building projects. The business principle has been established over the last 2 months with volunteers taking orders of over £8000. A more detailed cash flow forecast and budget for BFL is available here: Cashflow & Budget: April 2012

The Forester position is part of the TalentScotland Graduate Placement Programme and part funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and European Regional Development Fund who stipulate candidates must have graduated within the last 2 years. The additional funds for the Forester and the Forestry Assistants posts will be generated through the sale of timber products. The posts are fixed term for 1 year with a high likelihood of extension depending on the success of the business.