You’ll note the title of this post is ‘Building‘ and not ‘Built’…

After sending off Paul Duffy to check the planned toilet site and proposed first mountain bike trail for possible archaeological sites of interest, we didn’t think to ask him to let us know when he’d checked the toilet site. So instead, we had the joy of coming under Richards command for moving some logs whilst we waited, and waited, and waited for him to return from checking the mountain bike trail. Our plea for tea was forgotten when he finally strode back and gave us the all clear for both sites.

Richard and Iain headed off to the sawmill to get on with preparing some timber, whilst the rest of us started digging. Then we moved some wood. Then we changed our minds and started digging somewhere else. Then we started sawing some branches off the tree next to the site. Then we changed our minds and started digging somewhere else. Finally we realised we needed a plan. Much head scratching later, thanks to the combined talents of Ray and Colin and the tactful silence from the rest of us, we had a design suited to the site and could actually get on with the construction.

A helping hand












While the lads did their thing and constructed the frame, the lasses took on the traditional role of tea brewers. Unfortunately the lasses were somewhat unsuccessful due to the lack of dry wood available and general incompetence on my part. Happily the lads did much better and we got the frame together.

Richard turned up at this point, uttering the immortal words: ‘Well, I don’t want to tell you how to do it, but…..’ He was promptly ignored and with a bit of team work, we got the frame up on the mound whilst Richard demonstrated the traditional foresters way for starting a fire and put me to shame. He then stole half my lunch and gave the other half to someone else. Thanks Richard.











Colin, Ray and Richard went off to move more logs, whilst Tim headed off to get more milled wood. Ellen, Mel and myself started getting the cladding nailed onto the frame – with much hilarity when I got stuck half-way up the ladder frozen with fear from being a terrifying four foot of the ground. Then I dropped a spirit level on Tim’s head. Ahem.


The lads got back, put in the floor and we called it a day. We didn’t get it as finished as we wanted to, but we had a good craic, learnt the best way to make fire, agreed Richard is best ignored and established an excess of food and tea are the essential components needed for a successful day in the forest.


If you can help us finish off the compost toilet this Saturday – please come along to the work area, 800m up the track next to the Rhubodach Cottage, this Saturday for 10am. Bring any tools you have, gloves, sensible boats, warm and waterproof clothes and lunch.