Well, what a day! After a couple of weeks of hard work publicising this event with hand delivered postcards to Bute households and a specially recorded jingle which was broadcast on ButeFM, we were still nervous about our ability to draw a significant crowd to the Pavilion Cafe. We needn’t have been. The community responded and we had 311 visitors all of whom had an opinion or a searching question for us to answer.

Duncan Bryden
, our consultant had prepared a very interesting set of displays, each of which was designed to explain our vision for the forest, whilst at the same time provoking feedback from our CDweb5visitors. He is now collating the results and we can feed these into our feasibility study. The display that the public found very interesting was the map board – visitors were encouraged to stick a small flag into the map of the forest with suggestions for activities or infrastructure. As we approached 4.00pm this was a bristling “forest” of ideas!

The consultation day also gave us an opportunity to increase the membership of Bute Community Land Company and we had over 170 new applications. Every resident of Bute over the age of 12 can become a member. Non residents can still join as an Associate member. All memberships are free. You can download membership forms from HERE.

There was an enthusiastic and positive buzz filling the venue throughout the day and we are very pleased with the response from the community. We are also pleased that those in the community with doubts about the project attended the day. This was all about getting your feedback and informing you – all opinions will be fed in to the mix.

We’d like to thank everyone who came along. It was a fantastic day!

Next Steps
To satisfy the Scottish Government that we have a clear mandate from the community to purchase this forest we have to conduct a Community Ballot. This is already happening and every Bute resident on the electoral roll will receive a Ballot Paper in the post in the week commencing 25th January. It is essential that you return this with your vote as soon as you can. There will be no postage to pay.