The forest project will be governed by three important documents which are progressing – a five year business plan – a twenty year forest plan – and an architectural master plan.  Since the start of the year I have been conducting a tender process to appoint an architect.  From a long list of thirteen architects selected for their interest in Sustainable Architecture to a short list of six – it has been an interesting and informative process.  With a wealth of talent to choose from, we were very keen to ensure the winning practice matched as many of our criteria as possible.

It was with great pleasure that I announced the appointment of Neil Sutherland Architects, at our AGM yesterday.  Working with Neil we will produce a masterplan that sets out the vision for our forest.  There will be an opportunity for community involvement in this process.  Neil has asked me to express his delight at being appointed as the design team.  The many different aspects of the project including – the focus on restructuring the woodland, designing community buildings, working with local timber as a building material, and working with a community-based organisation – encapsulate the practic’s work and interests over the last 20 years… It is rare for architects to get such an opportunity and tehy are very much looking forward to progressing this project.