Saturday 24th May sees a Bird Walk at Balnakailly which will be led by Ian Hopkins. As the walk is later than originally planned, we hope there will be summer migrants and visitors to see and the route may include some of the shoreline as well as the woodland.  Ian’s expertise will help you to identify birds and their songs and many people like to take their cameras along for these walks – even if you are not an expert bird photographer, the views around the woodland and across the Kyles are a joy. Meet at 10am: the walk will last 3-4 hours.

Jim Mitchell, returns to the island on Sunday 25th May to lead a walk to the WWII bunker, starting at 2pm. With the D-Day commemorations coming up soon, the war- history of the area will be the focus, but we hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy the natural history as well.

Photo of blackbird

Both these events are suitable for families, though we think children younger than 8yrs might find the WWII walk challenging, and dogs are best left at home for both walks. The meeting point for each is by the farm gate near the Rhubodach ferry slip. Please be prompt, bring refreshments and we suggest you wear wellies for crossing the boggy bits, and trousers/long-sleeved tops to protect you from scratches.


We’d really appreciate a heads-up if you’d like to come to either event: email, message us on Facebook (Bute Community Forest) or phone us on 07707 767178. You can also use FB or this phone number to get in touch with us about other matters, too, as our office is not manned for now. As ever, we’re always delighted to see any pictures –whether from our planned events or your own wanderings – uploaded to our website or FB page. It’s your forest, so make the most of it!