One of the highlights of my life on Bute is of course the time I get to spend in the forest, for work and for pleasure. I walked the southern part (Rhubodach) last Sunday with two newly engaged friends (congratulations!), and found a sole tree perched on top of a rock, its roots pushing down through the rock to the soil beneath. I walked the Balnakailly loop on Wednesday, and found more of the farm I had not yet had chance to explore, and several areas where, with just a little work, we will be able to create stunning viewpoints. I also found an area where the path goes over a small wall and we need to make that a little easier to navigate.

I would love to know about your walks too and what you find. Have you seen something of interest? Found some work that needs doing? Spotted an area of interest? You can post on this website, leave photos or email me and I can incorporate your comments into my next blog.

Its your forest, our forest – what have you found?