No firewood is expected to be available for the next few weeks due to the difficulty of drying out the wood in almost continuous wet weather.  More fine days like today will help speed up the process!  Please check for updates.  A purpose-built shed, newly constructed, will made the job of storing and drying wood much easier in the future.

As a reminder, firewood costs £50 for 1 cubic metre of split softwood which is equivalent to one standard ‘dumpy’ bag or one stillage.  The price includes delivery, unless to the Kilchattan Bay area.

We do have plenty of kindling at £5 per bag.  It can be paid for and collected from the Bute Forest office between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.  If the project co-ordinator is out, please call the office on 01700 500541 or leave a note on the desk with your name and number and she will call you back (pen and post-its available).