A good friend of mine often comments “it’s not rocket science is it, eat less than you want and exercise more than you want”, the rest is unprintable and relates to both our middle-aged spreads.  But she is right, and on the days when I get out to the forest, almost without effort, I achieve that balance.  A lightweight packed lunch and plenty of walking.

It seems though that health & fitness have become rocket science – know all there is to know about nutrition, understand what body mass index means or works or gets measured, take part in a programme, change your diet etc. etc.  We have targets with inputs and outputs.  We need to be concerned about the drain on our national resources and the pressure on the NHS.  We have so much information to take in so that we can make informed choices that perhaps our bellies aren’t the only bits that get overloaded.

And yet, take a picnic out into the woods, stroll till you find a spot that invites you sit, and enjoy.  To quote a meerkat “simples”.

Photograph courtesy of Jessica Herriot