You will be in for a small suprise…

Forest Bug – Pentatoma rufipes – Adult: July – November, Length: 11 – 14 mm.

A large brown shieldbug which has orange legs and slightly hooked projections at the front of the pronotum.  The pale spot at the tip of the scutellum varies from orange to cream.

This species overwinters as young nymphs, which feed mainly on oak.  They also use alder, hazel and other decious trees including apple and cherry.  Occasionally predatory, adults will feed on caterpillars and other insects as well as fruits.

New adults may be found from July onwards, surviving until the late autumn, and eggs are laid in August.  Adults can sometimes be found in the early spring, suggesting that a secondary breeding cycle may be possible.  Widespread and common across Britain in wooded areas, orchards and gardens.

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