This morning I had an opportunity to go for a walk to Balnakailly Settlement, taking Charles from Brandish Bute and Ciara, Local Development Officer on the Loop path.  If you ever wondered where the saying ‘ye’re boggin’ came from, wonder no more – a few steps in and I was up to my knees in the most wonderful squishy mud.  Worth bearing in mind, if you are going for a wander, make sure you wear clothing appropriate for the time of year.

The wood was looking particularly lovely bathed in bright winter sun.  Our discussions were frequently halted as we paused to look at the many natural treasures around us.  Charles took some lovely pictures along the way – check out the gallery.

On the way back to the ferry terminal, we headed for the shoreline, and there as curious about us as we were about them – two otters.  They kept pace as we walked, coming close enough for a decent shot.  I hope you get a sense of the magic.