It goes without saying that when you own a forest, as the community of Bute does, there is plenty of nature to think about.  I find it strange though how we tend to separate nature from ourselves and human developments, as if we are outside it in some way.  We also adopt some curious habits as a result of this separation – either it is something to exploit and use with no regards to consequence or it is something to fence off and protect free from our presence.  Of course there are always extremes, and as is usual, most people will fall somewhere in the middle – we can use it but in a sustainable way.

Do we truly recognise that we are nature and nature is us?  If we have this shift of perspective what does it mean for our community and our forest?  As an island community, we can be isolated for many reasons, however with ownership of our forest we have become part of a larger community.  We are part of a growing number of communities who have taken control of their own destinies, all of them realising that people and environment are our greatest assets.  Why not take time out to make a connection today whether it is locally or in the wider community.  Your forest awaits.