Bio Cache Challenge

What to you need to complete the challenge?

  • Ordnance Survey Map
  • GPS would be useful
  • Always check the weather and be prepared to have fun

Bio Cache Challenge 1

Balnakailly Loop

Start at the Stand on the Land Bridge 

Cache No. 1 Clue.   “Below a fallen tree I lie with signs of the woodpecker very near by”.

10m. accuracy > Elevation   3m > N.S. 02188 > B.N.G. 74097

 Cache No .2 Clue.  ”Beneath a fallen birch tree by an old woodland road”

7m. accuracy > Elevation 42m > N.S. 02069 > B.N.G. 73966

 Cache No.3 Clue.  ”Beneath a tree …. oatcakes are a clue to me”.

3.8.m. accuracy > Elevation 80m > N.S.01906 > B.N.G. 73921








Bio Cache Challenge 2

Shalunt Wood

Start from Rhubodach Cottage Forest Track/West Island Way.

 Cache No.1 Clue.  ”Under the bank –nice and dry, beside a tiny stream I lie.”

Elevation 78 m > N.S. 03271 > B.N.G. 72634

 Cache No.2 Clue;” Under the bank  so you cannot see fox gloves and ferns and a stone mark me.” Pass  me by” amongst young larch trees”

6m Accuracy > Elevation 72m > N.S.03532 > B.N.G. 72290

 Cache No. 3 Clue;”At the bend of the stream in the moss , beside young evergreen trees protected from the deer. Left hand side.”

11 m . Accuracy > Elevation 81m > N.S. 03831 > B.N.G. 71923