Painted Rock Trail

The Painted Rock Trail is a foot trail opened in Summer 2012 created by volunteers. The trail is marked out by rocks local children have painted and chosen a place for along the route. You will also encounter Bruce the Magic Spruce, Robert the Spruce and the Pigtail Bridge. There is a picnic bench at the end of the trail to rest your weary feet.


How to find it:

Take the southern entrance to the forest. This is the access track to the left of Rhubodach Cottage on the A886, shortly before you reach the Rhubodach-Colintraive ferry terminal. You go through the first gate and you can park in the small area before the second gate. Take the stile over the gate and head up the track. Pause at the work area to say hello if the Foresters are up there before continuing. Keep going past the compost toilet and you’ll soon see the sign for the trail. The trail starts about 1.5km from the road, about a 10 minute walk.

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