The Working Forest

Welcome to the Rhubodach Plantation, 66 acres (or 140 football pitches) of conifer (spruce, fir and larch) trees planted between 1920 and 1990. As a working forest, the Plantation is managed to make a profit from timber products. This Plantation is roughly 1/6th of Bute Community Forest.

To the south of Rhubodach is Shalunt Wood. Shalunt is 105 acres of predominantly native birch woodland planted in 1990. These can be coppiced (cut at the base) so that they can regrow with many stems to be used as firewood.

Working Methods

Foresters traditionally felled and milled trees on the same site as they are grown, which is what we do too. Using chainsaws, the tractor and sawmill, the trees are turned in to timber planks which are then sold or used to build sheds and other timber products.

The trees want to keep growing, so some smaller ones are felled to allow the other trees to grow bigger by getting more light; this is called thinning. The remaining trees are finally cropped at 80 years old.

A mixture of tree species are being planted now, so when the older trees have gone the new trees will be middle-aged. With a mixture of ages and species we can have a forest which is continuously covered, making a home for plants and animals and timber for commercial purposes.