WWII Bunker & Viewpoint

View over the Kyles of Bute

The stunning view from the WWII bunker across the Kyle of Bute.

The little islands are the Burnt Isles and the hills are the mainland with Colintraive & Glendaruel in the forefront. You can access the WWII bunker viewpoint by taking the Balnakailly Loop path. The trail to the bunker is just off the turning circle closet to the Blankailly settlement. In spring, there are ground nesting birds in this area so please keep dogs on leads – however well behaved they are we don’t want them chasing parents away! In autumn, the area is littered with fungi. On the way, you’ll see one of our standing stones.

The Bunker: Operation Starfish

The forest contains evidence of a decoy site built in World War II.  Decoy sites were built to fool German bombers into attacking a place which had no civilians and were of no military value instead of their real targets. The concrete bunker below is one of three in the forest which would have controlled lights and set off trails of fire throughout the area. This would have looked from the air like an airfield or other important military base. It was unsuccessful on Bute and the forest was never bombed.

There is more information on an interpretation board at the site, thanks to the People’s Postcode Trust. You can download the pdf of the board here: Decoy Village Info.