Too often we have little time for reflection and sometimes all we need is to enjoy the moment without too much thought.  Walking through our community forest can help restore balance in a busy or stressful life.  Restore your sense of calm and wellbeing by discovering a peaceful spot perhaps near one of our babbling burns.

Each of your senses will get a natural fix.  The variety of colours and changing light as you move through different types of canopy and into open space is a better exercise for your eyes than pixels.  You will stop to listen and learn that peaceful doesn’t mean quiet, the wind through the trees, waters trickling or rushing, small unseen things going about their busy lives with no mind to us, and of course, bird song.  There are many textures for your fingers to experiment with, soft grasses contrast with rough barks, shimmering water or lichen and moss covered rock, readily available to your touch.  As urban grime clears from nose and lungs, you will notice individual aromas from moist earth to sweet perfumes.  Make sure you bring some sustenance with you, to keep your energy up and feed your taste buds, unless of course you are an experienced forager, in which case a feast awaits.

The fantastic thing about creating this wonderful experience is you can revisit anytime you like both in memory and physically.  Haste ye to, and meander back to Bute Community Forest.