We are very pleased to announce the receipt of another grant to help further our forest activities this month. The People’s Postcode Trust awarded us £6650 to run a series of events in the forest next year from January to March and put in place a number of information boards.

The events will all be based on discovering a new element of our forest. This could be foraging, forestry, birds, plant life, woodland crafts or an exploration of historical sites such as the WW2 bunker.

Each event will lead to the creation of an information board about that element of the forest so that visitors can see what you found out and why it is important. We will produce a map of the forest showing where the information boards are and the related sites of interest.

We are currently seeking workshop providers, so if you or anyone you know is interested in 1-3 days work providing workshops, please contact me as soon as possible. More info is on the Bute Forest website.

Keep your eyes on the website and emails (if you are a member) for dates of the actual events.

A big thank you if you play the Peoples Postcode Lottery and to the Peoples Postcode Trust for granting us the award.