A new and exciting feature of the spring programme will be a small mammal survey on Sunday 30th March. The results are of interest and importance as a natural history record for the forest.

The workshop will begin at 11am although traps will have been set up early, just after sunrise (7-7.30am).  The 3/4 hour timescale will increase the chance of trapping being successful.  The traps will be checked together as a group, small mammals collected and traps re-baited.  There will be a break for lunch then all the traps will be checked together again as a group.

Dress warmly, bring waterproof clothing and wear sturdy footwear.   Bring lunch.  Tea and coffee will be provided. There is no guarantee that small mammals will be caught and trapping may be cancelled if the weather is severe.

Please contact Ben Robinson, the Forester, by email ben@buteforest.com or telephone 07707 767178, to reserve your place.