We decided to cancel the volunteering day last Saturday (11th Feb) due to the weather. Apologies to anyone who did not get this message. It is helpful if you let me know you are planning to attend and I can ensure you find out if there are any problems. It also helps us to plan the work.

We rescheduled for Sunday and happily the wind had died down and rain had eased off – we even had sunshine for a while!

A smaller group of us continued with the compost toilet, getting the cladding almost complete around the 3 sides, the door ready and we even went so far as to make it stand up straight. Thanks Tim.

We had a lovely late lunch of jacket potatoes (eventually), beans and sausages and I’m happy to report I got the fire going all by myself.

Today further progress was made, with volunteers building up the ramp to the loo, putting the roof trusses on and clearing the pathway – you can see the difference and everyone had fun.

Richard says he’s sick of the wretched (only he didn’t say wretched) composting toilet, but is planning to get back and keep on with it because we want it to be finished for the Pheonix Centre volunteering day on 21st Feb.