With the help of almost 20 volunteers and 47 people in attendance, the first tree cut event had a great atmosphere. Richard Matts and helpers felled a tree and demonstrated how the new saw mill can process the wood in just a few minutes. Onlookers enjoyed festive treats, music from the local brass band and many walked away with bird-boxes they’d made and Christmas trees from the forest. Craig Borland covered the event on page 5 of the December 16th edition of the Buteman and commented on the ‘feel-good factor’ of the event in his editorial.

The event, organised by the Forest Support Group, marks the start of the tree thinning which will be taking place in the forest over the next few months. The first thinning will allow the remaining trees to grow straighter and quicker, as well as improving the overall health of the forest and its flora and fauna. It will also start to provide Bute Forest Ltd with a small income to fund the development of paths and bike trails in the forest. Watch this space for details of the first trail opening event, expected in April.


Volunteer are vital to the development of the forest in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner. If you are willing to help, in any capacity, with the creation of this exciting community asset, please contact Emma Cooper, Forest Manager by email emma@buteforest.com, popping into the office on Victoria Street (next to Lloyds Pharmacy) or calling 01700 500541.

With thanks to:

  • Stuart Reid for moving rock and preparing our worksite
  • George Ghillies for planing the wood for our sign
  • Malcy Johnson for doing the lettering on our sign
  • Martin Caitlin for providing the posts and fixings
  • Duncan McAllister at Nether Ardroscadale for help assembling our saw mill
  • Hanne Mason
  • Richard Matts
  • Timothy Stobart
  • Maria van Oostende
  • Jim Mitchell
  • Ellen Lambert
  • Rothesay Co-op
  • Andy Walters
  • Aidan Canavan
  • Ed Laughton
  • Dawn Collis
  • Glyn Collis
  • HIE

…and many others