The Scottish Government has given its approval the our plans to buy the forest.

This press release from the Environment Minister Roseanna Cunninghams office says it all.


Ms Cunningham said:
“This is an exciting opportunity for the Island of Bute and a huge success story for the community land company which has managed the biggest ballot held under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act so far. The plans in place should act as a catalyst for economic and community regeneration on the island, enhance the visitor attraction, create a significant number of new jobs and generate opportunities for future generations to live and work there.

Peter McDonald, a Director of BCLC, said,
“This buy out is an important opportunity for the community of Bute and in times of financial downturn it represents a real chance to transform the economic prospects of the island. We appreciate the support of the Scottish Government in this process and we are working extremely hard with various funding agencies to secure the necessary acquisition price by the due date. We are confident that we will succeed.”

Other developments to be encouraged include education and outreach projects, health improvement programmes, outdoor activities – such as bike hire, a horse riding centre, artist workshops, provisions for youth groups and shuttle transport to Rothesay.