working to open

   After the furious activity by Members to secure the Forest buy out, the demanding yet enjoyable work of generating various projects around the Forest begins. Brandish Bute is one such beginning.

Sara Goss explains that the ideas behind Brandish Bute arose organically from the activities generated by the hard work and inspiration in buying the Forest. It is well known that this is not just about buying a piece of land but about enabling the regeneration of aspects of Bute in working towards revitalising areas of the local economy. This will enable the sustaining of local businesses and the development of community projects. The idea of Brandish Bute came about to connect with local identities – Brandanes, Branding Bute, Brandishing with pride to show all that is available and to be achieved. 


behind the scenes

Claire Murray has recently returned to Bute and was inspired by the Forest project. Claire is employed as shop manager and will take charge of the day-to-day running of Brandish Bute. Having worked in retail management in Glasgow Claire aims to use her skills in this new venture and she says it has been her lifelong wish to manage and develop a shop like Brandish Bute. Claire is hoping to have a rota of volunteers to help in the shop and if you would like to help out please do pop in to Brandish Bute and meet Claire.

The shop sells locally-produced design pieces and crafts as well as foodstuffs. In this way, by acting as a conduit for showcasing local products and as an information point to find out more about Bute producers, Brandish Bute will encourage people to try out a variety of Bute products. Encouraging a wide variety of brands, some well-known and others less so, is how Brandish Bute aims to continue to ‘brandish bute’ products to a wider public. It is an exciting time ahead for Brandish Bute, the forest projects and BCLC – we hope that everyone will help, to support and brandish the best of Bute!