Volunteer Tasks

The tasks we are currently undertaking are:

  • Work area creation – our small timber milling business will help fund the maintenance of the forest and the creation of some of the facilities the community has asked for, as well as it providing many of the materials for the forest facility development. The work area needs a few basic facilities to operate effectively, such as a shed to keep the sawmill in and wood storage areas. We need people to help us build these.
  • Small wood products – we have contracts to build a few items for people locally with timber from the forest, such as sheds, fences and compost toilets. We are seeking volunteers to help us with this at the moment, with a longer term view to creating employment for people. Before we employ people we need to be sure we are creating a sustainable business. Funds raised aid the forest development by paying for items including equipment, nails and PPE.
  • Mountain bike trail  – we are creating a mountain bike trail through the commercial area of the forest.
  • Tree thinning – some of the trees in the commercial area need to be thinned in order to allow the others trees to grow better. This work has to be carried out by people who are qualified to undertake the work. If you have these qualifications and are willing to volunteer, please let me know.
  • Path creation – a few more paths would make the forest more appealing to many people and it would make small points of interest accessible.

We hope to be able to undertake a range of additional projects in the near future inculding:

  • Viewpoints – there are several areas on the forest which would benefit from having a few trees removed to create stunning viewpoints, which would add interest when undertaking walks in the forest.
  • Picnic benches – several people have said the forest walks would benefit from areas to sit and have lunch, probably next to the viewpoints.